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Thread: Mucus in Rectum

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    Mucus in Rectum

    I had a Rectal resection and currently still have a llestomy bag..

    I've noticed on occasions that I pass a bit of mucus that looks like there is blood in it.. It doesen't happen all the time , but it has happened a few times and it freaks me out...

    Has anyone else had this

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    I had mucus coming out of my butt when i didn't know i had colon cancer. when i got my bag on my surgeon told me i would have mucus coming out because the bag doesn't catch everything.I got my bag off nov.24th 2009. since then always waking up in the middle of the nite cleaning the mucus, up to 3 times a nite

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    I have the same problem. At first it contained bright red blood. A call to the surgeon was made. He said it was not a problem. I still have it occasionally but the color is more yellow or brown. I hope to get rid of the bag in 3 weeks
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    mom has had a colostomy 4 years now and yes she does get the mucos evry so often but thats because the tissue there is still alive and goes through the regular cycle of shedding its lining which also produces blood streaks. Its perfectly normal. Those of us that do not have a bag do that routinely too, we just arent as aware of it because of it mixing with the feces.


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