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Thread: cancer or not?

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    cancer or not?

    I hope someone could possibly give me some information. I am 38 and went in to have my first ever mammogram from finding a lump. It was a "routine" mam, however I was sent immediatly to my dr. I was then informed I needed to see a surgeon, and have a biopsy done along with taking a node, that its very good chance its cancer. I had a very large size mass with a cluster or microcalcifications, with about 30-40 in there.

    I was not prepared to hear what I was hearing for just having a "routine" mam. I was finally scheduled for a stereotactic needle core biopsy 2 weeks after that. Living in a rural community with very little rescourse here everything is a waiting game. (no breast specailist & only path @ hospital that does the reading)
    Any way a couple days later, I returned to the dr to find out the results, I was told everything was fine it was benign, and that I was fine. If I have anymore problems to come back.
    Well I still feel the same hard lump in addition to a new little one.
    So I made another appt and made a list of questions and showed her (the dr) the new one.
    I found out that my first mam BIRADS rating was a 4, now keep in mind I only had 1 mam and then a biopsy. Last Thurs I was scheduled for a chest xray and a ultrasound of the same area that was in question. As, well as talk of having the lump(s) removed.
    I got a copy of my path report and here is what is says.
    Focal, mild usual hyperplasia. Sclerosing adenosis. Perilobular fibrosis. No evidence of atypia or malignancy. Microcalcifications.

    I have several questions.
    1. If its not cancer, then why am I having a ultrasound after the bipsy and chest xray?
    2.Do I have something to worry about, can you tell me what the path reports means?
    3.Should I consider having the lumps removed?
    4. Should I request a 2nd opinion on a path reading?
    Any type of replies would be greatly appriecated.
    Thanks for reading my book lol
    My thoughts and prayers with all that is battling this disease.
    God Bless!!

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    Hi, I know you feel confused, and I guess I would be too. If it were me, I guess I would be pushing for a surgical biopsy. The steretactic could have missed something. I would be heading back to the doctor for a follow-up, especially with a new lump. One web site you might want to check to get a better explanation of the path report is Imaginis.com. I am sure Dr. Leo will chime in with additional information. Take care, Lauri

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    I absolutely agree, get a incisional biospy. That is the one way to be sure of what's going on.
    I'm not sure about this, so let Leo "chime in" (I loved that). I never had them, but was told that microcalifications could be the 1st sign of trouble. A friend had a mastectomy and wanted the other breast removed (she was like me, stage III, large tumor and alot of nodes) but insurance said no. When they found microcalifications, the insurance approved the other mastectomy.
    I'm not trying to scare you, but don't ever let anyone tell you that you're too young, or "let's watch it". I think most breast cancer survivors will tell you, the only good lump is one in a jar!!!!
    Let us know

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    Its possible that the second lump you are noticing is a hematoma caused by the stereotactic biopsy. I had a gigantic one after my biopsy. It showed up on an MRI I had a couple of weeks after the biopsy. The MRI showed my 1 centimeter tumor right next to a 1.5 centimeter hematoma. The hematoma eventually goes away, it gets reabsorbed by your body. A stereotactic biopsy creates a huge hole in your breast that fills up with blood which then clumps and hardens. This is a hematoma.

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    Well I actually wondered if the new one was some form of scaring perhaps, however the original biopsy done on 10/5 was done around the 2oclock position in the middle of my breast between nipple and collor bone area.
    The new hard lump or knot that I am feeling is just up from my nipple in the areola area.
    It is a bit smaller than the tip of my middle finger.
    When I had the chest xray on 10/21 they also did blood work. Went in on 10/22 for a ultrasound. I am not sure as to why I would need this type of tests if my path report says benign.
    I still would like to know what exactly my path report is saying. All I got out of my general surgeon is that I'm fine.
    If I am fine then why the extra tests?
    Thanks, for your posts and help!

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    Hi "Confused"

    It took me a while to answer, but I am here

    Your pathology report really looks good. What we look for are obvisouly cancerous cells, but also pre-cancerous changes, such as atypical hyperplasia. This would be a read flag, and the pathologist states that he did not see any of that. Adenosis means an excess of gland in that particular area. Microcalcifications are certainly a radiological red-flag, but it's not always cancerous, as in your case. Honestly I don't see anything concerning for malignancy, but if you have doubts and would like to have an excisional biopsy (to take the whole nodule out) it would not be unusual. If it bothers you I think you should talk to your doctor.

    Another option is to have your biopsy read by another pathologist. You can request your paraffin blocks, slides and reports and have it sent to another institution.

    Leonardo F - Webmaster Cancer Forums
    Disclaimer: this information is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice.

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    Hi dear, for what it is worth, I had a stereotactic and it came back negative. For some reason, the radiologist was not happy and insisted on a biopsy. It came back positive for a 3mm cancer.

    It was so small, the sterotactic missed it. Remember, the only way to know for sure is a biopsy. This is not too bad. There are few nerves in the breast. I just had a local and got up after an hour and went to lunch with my husband. Really nothing to it.

    Sooo, just another viewpoint. Shirlann

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    Thank you all for your advise, and Leo! I still am very confused on what to do.
    I went in this past Friday for a ultrasound,(finally) and the site where my sterotactic(which removed 12 samples)was preformed was still 6-7cm.

    I am wondering, should I seek out a second opinon from another doctor, (being a specialist), radiologist, and pathologist (whole new team). and see what they say before having an excisional?

    Or should I just go ahead with a excisional with my current team?

    My current surgeon is a General surgeon, not to discredit her by no means, its just for our area she is very busy and I feel tends to rush through my appts.

    I am still very sore, and I still am worried about it.
    Can someone please let me know all about excisional biopsies what to expect, what its all about and also how accurate are the stereotactic's?

    Thank you all very much for the advice already given. I am still trying to decide what to do. The dicission is very hard when you know little about nothing.
    Thanks, and take care!

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    I can not give you any advice on what to do. It is such a personal choice. If you are not comfortable with your current doctor (any of them), you should seek a second opinion. It would probably make you feel better about the whole thing as well.

    Leonardo F - Webmaster Cancer Forums
    Disclaimer: this information is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice.


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