Greetings - I am asking on behalf of my 60yo brother, who is in end stage MM, thanks to a presumed exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He had elected a while ago not to undergo stem cell transplant for insurance and financial reasons and has discontinued Chemo about a year ago. He is currently on Hospice care. My question is if anyone knows just how high his Free Kappa Light Chain number goes and is there a limit where his life expectancy is critical.

12 months ago his Kappa number was 895 (normal is 3.3-19.4 mg/L) his Lamda number was 0.57 (normal is 5.7-26.3 mg/L)... those numbers have increased/decreased to 2750 and 0.5 ... just how high does that Kappa number go? IS 2750 a shocker or expected with this disease?

Thanks - Jay