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Thread: Desparate call for help

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    Desparate call for help

    I recived the news yesturday that my 28 years old cousin has a malign brain tumor stage III about 3 cm. The doctors told her
    that she has to opperate as soon as possible within 2 weeks. Unfortunetlly no clinic in Romania is able to perform
    the operation, and the closest one is in Germany in Hannover. The treatment price is set at 35.000 Euros and the
    insurance company would not cover that amount because the clinic is not from Romania. We are on a desperate run
    to raise money so she can get opperated but unfortunatly without some help we can't get that amount on such a short time

    She was going to get married on july , got her wedding dress made all the plans when she was diagnosed . In a desparate call she managed to get to a tv show but no money have been raised yet.

    Sadly we live in a very materialistic world were only money counts, and the life of a person hangs on these money.
    There is no wonder why there is so much greed, hate etc. People have forgot about God and about the gift of life.

    {link deleted by admin per Forum Policy}
    Love and Bless you all.

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    Hi Alin, I am so sorry about your cousin's brain tumor. I am also sorry that she cannot have the surgery done in Romania and that it will cost so much to have it done somewhere else. I am not sure what options you have. Certainly, raising funds is one. Have you checked into going to France? I am not sure how long she would have to live there to qualify for their health care but it is worth checking into.

    I deleted your link and fund raising information because how cannot do either of those on the forum. You cannot use links until you have been a member for 1 month and posted 10 significant messages. You can never use the forum for fund raising. Sorry.

    I hope your cousin finds the help she needs.
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