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Thread: Cervical Cancer symptoms or ovarian cancer?

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    Cervical Cancer symptoms or ovarian cancer?

    I'm not sure which section to post this in i'll just take a shot at cervical.

    Like many of you i'm worried sick and kinda convinced I have cancer.

    I'm 20 years old, and have been having many symptoms 2 of which I have been to hospital/GP about. 1 being severe pains in my side, and extremely swollen abdomen (doc thought I had appendicitis - negative on hospital tests) the other was a sizeable ovarian cyst which an ultrasound picked up.

    I have been bleeding after sex for at least 2 months but if I really think back..I remember bleeding as far back as 2 years. I have been on a contraceptive implant for 3 years so I haven't had a period since october 2008. I have a large amount of smelly discharge which antibiotics don't take away, my back aches, the pains in my side or low down in my abdomen are still very much there, I almsot had to go to the hospital again after being up till 4.30am with severe pain around 2 weeks ago.

    Anyone shed some light??

    Thanks, Stacey

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    I am so sorry to know your present situation, I must urge you to visit an OB-Oncologist to have a peace of mind which I am sure it is very difficult to achieve at this time. I must politely inform you that these symptoms you are having is the same as that of cervical cancer. Of course there will be test to confirm, but the point is that you must submit yourself to such examination so that you will know what to do. With a positive approach in life and with prayers, I know you can overcome this challenge. Good luck and God bless.

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    Thanks for your reply, appreciate it. After reading various website articles I convinced myself it was cancer of some sort. I have an appointment with my GP in 2 weeks, but i'm gonna phone tomorrow and try get an earlier appointment for this week.


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