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Thread: Did you know this?

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    Did you know this?

    In Canada asbestos was used frequently.
    Now they are trying to eliminate it from everywhere it was used. Of course, money comes first. There is one man who didn't want to stop exporting chrysotile asbestos, despite a growing international outcry accusing Canada of hypocrisy in promoting the sale of a known carcinogen.that was the premier-not anymore,as far as I know- thank you lord.

    Do you know to whom they are selling?
    they are selling to poor countries like India, Indonezia, Bangladesh.
    Do you think this is fair?
    I believe this is imoral.

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    Dorothy, it is a shameful thing when developed countries export their harmful products to underdeveloped countries. In the US, our tobacco companies also do the same. Since tobacco usage has decreased here, we export a lot of tobacco to Eastern Europe It is not fair. It is not moral and we should let our government know.
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