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Thread: Cancerous mole?

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    Cancerous mole?

    I have a mole that's obviously a problem.. and I was wondering if someone could tell the type of problem by my description.

    This mole began as a normal medium brown, oval shaped mole.. slightly raised and nodular¦ a few millimeters in diameter. The mole changed to a dark blue/black and became engorged with blood.. enlarging and protruding above the skin over time¦ painful and nodular. It had a red/purple bruise surrounding the engorged mole itself, about the circumference if a nickel. It pulsated with a mild pain and was painful to the touch. This would come and go. The mole would stay engorged with blood for a few months and then fade again for a spell before coming around again. The mole would fade to a redish/purple color, slightly raised.. the surrounding bruise would fade away entirely. As time went on, over the span of a couple of years, the mole became more and more engorged with blood.. protruding through the skin more.. to a larger black mass that was very painful, about the mass of a pencil eraser, with a larger circumference. Until finally it burst just recently.. It bled a lot and I had to bandage the damn thing for a few days until it wasn't so much of a mess.

    Now its faded back to a grayish looking mole with red spots and a faint purple surrounding it. I was hoping for some input while I'm waiting to see a dermatologist.

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    frazzled, I am sorry about your health concerns. There is a simple way for you to evaluate that mole that is called ABCDE:
    <ul>[*]A-Asymmetry Normal moles are usually symmetrical.[*]B-Border Normal moles have smooth borders[*]C-Color Normal moles usually are one color[*]D-Diameter If it is larger that a pencil eraser, it needs to be seen by a doctor[*]E-Elevation Normal moles are not raised and have a even surface.[/list]
    Regardless, since there are so many "usually"s in this method, you really should have a doctor look at it and proceed from there.

    Good luck.
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