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Thread: pink spot on scalp

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    pink spot on scalp

    Hi everyone.

    I am really concerned with a spot on my scalp that I noticed because it has no hair growing on it. It is small a little less then 1/4 inch, and it's pinkish in color. There is no brown black or tan. It is flat. There is an area below the mark that also has no hair but it is clear skin. I often get red marks on my scalp that itch or hurt, and for a while I had no hair in one spot. The difference is now I am really worried. I have a dermatologist appointment but it's not for 3 more weeks. And the other problem is I saw some place on the internet that melanoma kills hair. So I am a nervous wreck that this is what it is. If anyone has any insight that would be great.

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    Mike, it's good that you are concerned enough to see a dermatologist. Until you know exactly what this spot is - and it may not be anything significant - I recommend your not worry (too much). Do not try to self-diagnose but rather do what you are doing - see a specialist - as there are several conditions that can cause this bald area. Hopefully your doctor will rule out the more serious conditions (such as cancer or lupus) and provide you with some answers. Sorry you have to wait so long to see the dermatologist that seems to be the norm.


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