I've been reading about Cesium Chloride as a cancer therapy. The reports were very impressive. What convinced was that Otto Warburg won two Nobel Prizes, after he descovered that high alkaline drugs like Cesium Chloride had a strong effect on cancer. Other sites seem pretty scientific and claim that CC is very effective against cancer.

On this Forum there's a topic about CC but the people on that thread seem obsessed with dog cancer, as if cancer on humans was dunno some unimportant outdated harmless desease.

Some sites say CC it is forbidden in the US and Europe. The same site said that the CC therapy is useless and dangerous. I don't fully believe that. I want to try CC, it seems good enough.

On the other hand, I never found a convincing source for buying Cesium Chloride. I live in Eastern Europe, so it's even harder to get it, as the few sites that sell CC are from USA.

Please give me a PM or say directly on the thread a good source of CC, maybe in Europe, if you happen to know one.

Or, if you think I should stay away from it, pls give me an alternative, couse i don't want to use chemotherapy.

It's for my father, he just had a melanoma surgically extracted, and I am trying to find a way to "completely clean" the spot of cancerous cells and prevent any reoccurance of the desease.