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Thread: Mom in Coma SCLC? Is it possible to come out of the Coms

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    Mom in Coma SCLC? Is it possible to come out of the Coms

    It's so hard to let go. My mom has now been asleep for 5 days now. Yesterday she opened her eyes just a little bit and sometims moves to trr and position herself in a more comfortable position but her eyes are closed. Yesteday after she briefly opened her eyes i could see she was struggling to try and open them again, but then went back in to a deep sleep. My mom has battled small cell lung cancer for 2 years now and had to be rushed to the hospital last week because of aspiration of water which was not much at all. I feel so guilty for giving her the water. She was just fine on June 11, had pancakes, eggs, toast and coffee. She was sitting up watching tv and i decided to give her the vitamin B 12 with water. She held the water in her mouth without swallowing, and i told her to spit it out in to a cup in which she did, but then coughed. She couldnt breath at all and passed out and was rushed to the hospital.

    Doctors said her right lung is partially collapsed and she has fluid in the lungs with a brain met thats 4 cm. Is it possible to come out of the coma?

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    Hi Kelly,

    I am replying because I know how lonely it feels when a post sits, and you know people are reading it, but no one knows what to say.

    Honestly, none of us (I am assuming) are doctors or any kind of expert that can say one way or the other. We only have our own experiences to pull from.

    Talk to her doctors, they know best what it happening. Unfortunately (and I know this from experience) "wait and see" SUCKS, but most of the time, when you are talking about coma, it is the only answer.

    Just be there when you can, hold her hand, talk to her and PLEASE, do not blame yourself in any way for what happened. Fluid aspiration is simply not enough to cause the problems that seem to have resulted. It is far more likely the progression of the cancer. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

    The brain is a tricky thing, one morning my Mom was calling me to bug me for toothpaste, and that afternoon, she slipped into a coma. I just happens.

    All the best and know that you are not alone.

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    Welcome Kelly, Your mom has done quite well to go 2 years with sclc. As it goes this may be her best way out as far as dealing with pain which common with this, as Lorieliz said, don't take this as being your fault these things will just happen, Comas like cancer are not very controllable it will be more of a wait and see thing is my guess. Hope things come out OK for all concerned.
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