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Thread: Rectal cancer recurrence 3 months after MRI and colonoscopy

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    Rectal cancer recurrence 3 months after MRI and colonoscopy

    Hi everybody,
    I have a big dilemma
    my dad had cancer removal surgery last July, with temporary stoma pouch. In March he had MRI and colonoscopy, everything was ok, blood markers ok. In May he had ostomy reversal, his recovery has been very slow and painful. During the first surgery they placed urinal catheter so he had infection and received lots of antibiotics along the way. Since April he had higher body temperature that won't go away, no matter how strong antibiotics he got. His wound from reversal was hurting him as well and during one of this high temperature incidents doctor in er told him that his wound has puss (infected). His surgeon didn't do anything about the wound but suggested another colonoscopy, beause he suspects cancer recurrence.
    He had it today and they found abnormalities in the rectum wall, and took it for biopsy that will be done in ~ 10 days. (All of this is happening in another country)
    Is it possible that MRI and colonoscopy in March didn't detect any abnormalities, but barely 3 months later does? BTW his surgeon told him that if biopsy turns out to be cancer he will operate him in July and put permanent stoma pouch.
    My father still has that urinal catheter, without it he has incontinence, which means that during the first surgery they cut his nerves.
    Irony of it is that we all thought it would be quick recovery, since his stage was II, no lymph nodes involved, there was no need for radiotherapy or chemo, but he just doesn't have luck.
    Can anybody here on forum tell of their experience with urinal catheter issues and recurrence of cancer in the same area?
    Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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    so sorry your dads going through all this Mom had an option of reversal in the beginning and her oncologist sugested she waited through one more scan after chemo and that took her to six months with a fast reaccurance-had she gone through the reversal they would have had to go back to the stoma-we are glad that didnt happen. I think thats more devastating to them-I really do feel bad he had to go through that.so my answer is yes thats very possible for that to happen..unfortunately.
    as far as the catheter-I dont have any advise on that-They did ask mom if they needed to remove any bladder would she be willing to have a bag for urine as well-she said no, luckily thy were able to salvage that. If they had damaged the nerves did they say the catheter was permanant or did they suggest a permanant out put for urine as well? Ill say a prayer for him tonight and I hope soon they are able to get rid of the infection where ever it is occuring
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    july 23/13 vicodin cut in half blood transfusion.
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    sept/12/13-spine healing on its own,weaning off steroids, no visible tumors.
    nov/7/13-edema both legs and one arm on lasix since oct.
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    thank you sheila for reply and the prayer.
    Hope your mum is better now.
    They didn't tell anything about the catheter, just it has to be that way, maybe permanent maybe not.
    good night now an all of you have a pleasant dreams.

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    I also am sorry to hear what your father is going through and give my prayers and thoughts to him, you and your family.

    I"s it possible that MRI and colonoscopy in March didn't detect any abnormalities, but barely 3 months later does?" Yes it is possible as things can chance in not only three months but one month and sometimes as little as two weeks. BUT if you have any concerns ask the Dr's the same questions and if they do not satisfy you then get a second opinion.

    I cannot speak to the urinal catheter issues and recurrence of cancer in the same area but I do ask, how is the wound doing? It sounds like they had not addressed that at all, have they finally done so?
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    Thank you topazil.
    He cannot get second opinion, because drs over there don't want to deal with cases that already started treatment somewhere else.
    And so far they didn't do anything about the wound, they just let us wait for biopsy result, and already reserved spot for my father for anticipated surgery in July. I wish they are wrong. What worries me most is how is he gonna take it. 2 surgeries less than 2 months apart, he hasn't even recovered from ostomy reversal, and I doubt he will in less than a month with all the complications that still drag on.
    Thank you again and all the best to you.


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