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Thread: Primary Liver Cancer and tumor on Adrenal Gland.

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    Primary Liver Cancer and tumor on Adrenal Gland.

    I have primary Liver Cancer and a growing tumor on my Adrenal Gland. I am taking Chemoembolization for the Liver tumor and a new drug for the Adrenal tumor. The new drug is not Chemo meds. My treatment is being done at VA and they are taking very good care of me. The embolization procedure does not hurt, but is somewhat uncomfortable. I've read on here of this procedure hurting some but not in my case. I have 7 or more tumors in my right lobe of my Liver and one is the size of a tennis ball. The procedures seem to be working so far. I am writing a chronicle about my cancer at this location: http://cancerembolization.spaces.liv...0&sa=935479995
    I am a Christian and am not afraid to die. The point of the procedures is to prolong life and is not a cure, although it has happened that a few have been cured from the Liver cancer by this method. There is always hope...

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    Hi Goldenword,

    I just want to welcome you to the forums. I know nothing about liver cancer, but continue to stand upon the Lord to carry you through, and I pray your medical treatments go well. I commend your great attitude, and yes, there is always hope!
    Diagnosed Sept. 2005
    Stage III-C Endometrial Adenocarcinoma
    Grade 2
    My Story:


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