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Thread: Actress Jaclyn Smith stars in upcoming breast cancer docudrama 1 a Minute

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    Actress Jaclyn Smith stars in upcoming breast cancer docudrama 1 a Minute

    Actress Jaclyn Smith shares her experience with battling cancer in the 1 a Minute docudrama film. Known for her role in Charlie’s Angels, Smith was diagnosed with breast cancer eight years ago and has since been fighting it. She has travelled around the country to reach out to women and speak about the disease that changed her life. According to the National Cancer Institute (2007), Smith is one of the 2.4 million American women survivors. Let’s continue to increase this number by supporting the cause and spreading wisdom on how to fight the battle against breast cancer. A breast cancer patient dies every 68 seconds.

    Let’s stop this terrifying rate…time to stop the clock.

    Narrated by Kelly McGillis (Top Gun), the global docudrama "1 a Minute" is an unprecedented push by international women celebrities (who are also cancer survivors) to raise funds for a cure, promote awareness and prevention, as well as, support survivors of women's cancers.

    The film follows a woman's journey through cancer, with a focus on Breast Cancer, the most frequent cancer in women worldwide. At each stage of her journey, our stars (survivors from around the world; or affected closely by it), jump in and recount their experiences at that point in time. Includes interviews with top Western Oncologists (such as Dr. Dennis Slamon - Inventor of Herceptin), top Eastern medicine practitioners (such as Dr. Deepak Chopra), experts like Ambassador Nancy Brinker (Founder: Susan G. Komen for the Cure) and more.
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