Degarelix was FDA approved earlier this year it looks very interesting as an alternative use to Lupron, Zoladex and other LHRH drugs that are very commonly dispensed. This drug is categorically a little different, similar side effects, but read this from the link (Kudos to Howard Hansen, PCa survivor-fighter-researcher).
Degarelix 90% Decrease in median testostorone within 3 days
Lupron (Leuprolide) 65% INCREASE in median testostorone in 3 days

The flare issue with Lupron can feed PCa fuel 'T' levels increasing large before drug works and takes effect to lower or stop 'T' production. Who needs to fuel PCa and take any risk in that direction, well anyone taking those LHRH drugs have been subjected to that risk called 'flare' as a side effect. If doc gave you casodex or flutamides prior for around 14 days or so, that should have stopped or suppressed the flare issue (we are told). Note in the link there is a chance this drug could work as 2nd line hormone therapy, that needs to be proven out, but if so would be good news.

Maybe the next patient looking at these choices will advise doc that I will take Degarelix instead of the Lupron or such.
Informed patients can make their own assessments and choices, docs are sometimes highly biased and under informed. My genius gave me Zoladex without casodex prior, and I had very higher end stats (Dr. Strum would have reprimanded him) verbally I am exposing but not naming him. The only flare I wish to have is writting, or musical talents.