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Thread: GEM P for stage 4b Hodgkins

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    GEM P for stage 4b Hodgkins

    My younger brother has hodgkins lymohoma stage IVb. He has had 4.5 cycles of ABVD, 2 cycles of BEACOPP, 2 cycles of (R)ICE and is now having 2 cyles of GEM P before his next PET scan. He is being looked after by the Royal Berks in Reading and consulting with Oxford for if/when he goes into remission and can have a stem cell transplant..

    Have any of you been through this process too. Is there anyone there who can tell me if he is going to be ok? The cancer is in his bones and has started to spread up his spine. I just really need to know whats going to happen.

    I know that everyone is different and that no one can predict what will happen but after trawling through a fair few forums I can find no one who has been through this too.

    Good luck and thank you for reading and hopefully helping,

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    Hi Kate

    I don't know the answers to your questions but this forum is very helpful and I am certain someone will read your message and have some feedback.

    I am 57 years old and have had Hodgkins Lymphoma for nearly 8 years. Initially I had ABVD chemo and went into remission, later I relapsed and had a stem cell transplant with my own stem cells and had BEAM chemotherapy and went into remission.

    It sounds like they are giving your brother different types of chemo. I always put my trust in my Specialist and knew he was doing his very best for me.

    Are you able to go with your Brother to one of his appointments and listen to what they say?

    I hope you find the answers you are looking for.
    I am 57 years had Hodgkins Lymphoma for 7 years
    Initially 6 months chemo later relapsed had a stem cell transplant 3 years ago. My own stem cells.
    This morning felt a lump in my left groin just can't stop crying. I haven't told my husbdon't know what to do. As soon as I verbalise it everything changes with regard to health and specialist appointments.
    Does anyone know how this lymphoma progresses.

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    Dear Kate,

    I too am being treated at the Royal Berks (radiotherapy) for Hodgkins Lymphoma. Whilst I, or anyone else for that matter, can't tell you what will happen with your brother, rest assured the treatment they are giving him is the very best and in line with all up to date research. I had my chemo at Wexham Park and they wouldn't even entertain the idea of BEACOPP (A proven stronger and more effective regimen). Therefore, the fact they switched him early on is a good sign that they are up to date and doing the best for him.

    How old is your brother by the way? Is this his first diagnosis or has he been diagnosed with HD previously? All the best to him.


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    Thanks James and Anne for your replies. I really appreciate it. My brother is 28 and was diagnosed last september for the first time. He has always been told that he has a very aggressive cancer. I am really lucky to have a very close bond with my brother probably heightened by the fact that we lost our mum to breast cancer 8 years ago.

    I know that you have to remain positive it is just hard sometimes especially as he was very ill this weekend and really started to talk about dying. It was bought on by the fact he has never reacted to any of the chemos before. Yes, his hair fell out but on a young guy thats not the worst. Just looks a little like a thug. He is 6ft 2 and pretty big as well! Throughout ABVD, BEACOPP and (R)ICE he never felt any worse that tired so to suddenly be vomitting every 30 mins and shaking uncontrolably was quite a shock.

    Thanks guys and good luck with everything you are going through. Life sucks sometimes hey?


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