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Thread: vaginal cuff bleeding post-op

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    vaginal cuff bleeding post-op

    I'm back, 12 days after my total hysterectomy. After a few early challenges in hospital, I've been doing really well, except that I'm now having increasing vaginal bleeding. 3 days ago, I was experiencing sharp pain (haven't had any to speak of so far), so called my Dr and went for exam and ultrasound. They found a small infection starting, so I'm on day 3 of heavy antibiotics. I mentioned some light bleeding, and the Dr. said some was normal as the sutures in the vaginal cuff dissolve. However, it's increasing in amount and I'm a little concerned, as the discomfort has also increased again slightly. My question to Rhonda and Pixie, if they know, is if they have any idea how much bleeding is considered normal, and for how long. I don't want to make an emergency call to the doctor's office on a weekend if not necessary.

    Pathology results indicated very, very early stage cancer, only 2 mm invasion into 9 mm of tissue. I'm now waiting for the local cancer clinic to review all results and make recommendations as to radiation follow-up or hopefully nothing at all, on assumption surgery got everything.


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    Hi Jill,

    Good to hear all went well for the most part, aside the infection and bleeding. I am not sure how such postoperative bleeding is measured to be "too much"--I have read it can even go several weeks--perhaps longer. Myself, I wouldn't be comfortable taking a guess. Additionally I would think how "heavy" the bleeding is would also factor into the equation, and not just duration. I looked up info from the Mayo Clinic, a doctor wrties this about it:

    "Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of the uterus. Vaginal bleeding after hysterectomy is common for the first four to six weeks after the procedure, as the sutures dissolve and the tissue heals. Generally, vaginal bleeding after hysterectomy should be light. You may notice occasional spotting or a pink discharge. If bleeding after hysterectomy is as heavy as a menstrual period or lasts longer than six weeks, consult your doctor for an evaluation." http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/ble...ectomy/AN01889

    I would call your doctor office to be on the safe side. I know you hate to do that, but given you already got an infection and pain, I would go ahead call them. Thank God for the good pathology report!! You hang in there, Jill.
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    Hi Jill,

    It's good to hear from you again, and to hear that everything went well. The pathology report sounds promising. I bled post op for a good 2 to 3 weeks but it was very light and pink. I agree with Rhonda, get it checked out. The one think I have learnt from all this is not to ignore any strange symptoms. I think all Doctors understand that once faced with a cancer diagnosis we are all a bit paranoid when something unusual occurs.

    Look after yourself and I hope that the infection clears up soon.

    Take care

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    Thanks to you both. I did in fact go to emergency on Sunday as the pain wasn't diminishing at all and I was having "coffee grounds" diarrhea. Met a great doctor who said to expect a bit more pain as interior sutures dissolve and the healing ramps up, and that the vaginal bleeding may continue another couple of weeks as well. It's definitely diminished now, as has the pain and the diarrhea. So much still to learn about this condition!



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