Hello, and welcome to the Uterine and Endometrial Cancer Forum. If you are visiting here for the first time; it is likely because you or someone you know is experiencing troubling symptoms; OR, you or someone else has recently been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

If you are experiencing symptoms, do not play the guessing game. Call and make an appointment with your doctor. Most of the time, women posting about symptoms here find out they do not have cancer--the overwhelming majority!

No one can be adequately diagnosed on the Internet--not even by doctors. Members can offer advice to you based on their own experiences or to the extent of their personal knowledge; but online advice cannot take the place of a visit with a qualified medical expert. Getting adequately assessed by a medical professional is key!

When you post, be sure to list the type of uterine cancer and stage if such information is already available to you.

Last of all, if you are facing a cancer battle, purpose in your heart not to give up!