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Thread: Unsure of the next step...

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    Unsure of the next step...

    Hi there, I am new here and had a regular pap in May (I was 12 weeks or so pregnant at the time) I was told that my pap had come back one step away from normal and that I more than likely had a bacterial infection, we left it at that, when I was closer to 16 weeks pregnant I had moved and therefore had gotten a new OB, who told me again (from the same results) that my pap had come back abnormal but to a much more severe extent and that she wanted a colposcopy done ASAP (it was scheduled for July however I had a conflict, yatta, yatta) I have since moved back home and therefore am pretty sure that I will be back with my original Dr who had told me it was a bacterial infection, I have called them and told them that the former OB suggested a colp and asked to schedule one, they told me that they saw no reason for one and therefore did not plan to schedule one, I am freaked out that one OB said she was quite sure it was either high displaysia or cervical cancer and the other says its a bacterial infection, I am not sure how to approach it and ask my DR to perform the colp or if I should just let it go? Any opinions???

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    Hi and welcome,

    I do not know much about cervical cancer, but being these two doctors differed in opinion; I personally would opt for additional testing. I would not want such uncertainty weighing over my mind. Plus, if it is a serious condition such as cancer--the early its caught, usually the better the outcome. I would call your doctor and push for further testing. If he or she refuses to conduct more tests; you might consider finding another doc more receptive to your concerns. I hope and pray all turns out well for you.
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