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Thread: Almost 5 years clear of Ovarian Cancer but...

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    Almost 5 years clear of Ovarian Cancer but...

    Hi there,

    I'm posting this in some part for the benefit of others who may experience the same thing as myself. It may be slightly long.

    I was diagnosed after surgery in 2005 (at 27 years old) as having Ovarian Cancer. It was enclosed in an adeno carcenoma and the cyst was almost the size of a very small baby (5.95lbs) when removed. My symptoms prior to the diagnosis and the reasons for the surgery were that I had a mass, but thought I was just gaining weight.

    Symptoms I experienced:
    Hard time eating a full meal
    Bladder always felt full
    Auras (like a migraine aura)
    I even commented to my mother that it felt like I was feeding something (apparently, I was).
    Pregnancy test was negative.
    Sore back about 5 weeks prior but that may have been unrelated to the cyst (unsure)
    Leading up to the diagnosis, I experienced two periods which came 2 weeks or 10 days earlier. The first was about November 2004 and the next about June 2005. My periods were regular even though I was not on contraceptive.

    Roll forward to 2010 (the present).
    About 5 weeks ago, I had some brownish discharge that lasted several days. My previous period had been light and this came about a week before my period was due. It appeared to be similar to the very start or end of my period.
    Started new contraceptive 3 weeks ago. Previously, I was on Levlen and now on Necon 28 day. Last week I started bleeding. Some more of the brown stuff, but this time some bright red blood. Tiredness, sore back, weight gain (8lbs in 2 weeks).

    Had pap smear in May and was normal. Had CA-125 done in June and that was normal.

    Went to doctor yesterday and got some blood tests done and got a pelvic ultrasound.
    Will find out results of ultrasound in a few days.
    Yesterday was the first day in about 4 or 5 I had not been lightly bleeding. Noticed I tended to bleed when I was up and about as opposed to sleeping. Saturday I performed a home pregnancy test (did not think I was pregnant, but ruled out possibilities).

    There is a possibility, I am not reacting well to Necon and there have been reports of breakthrough-bleeding between cycles, but it doesn't explain my abnormal episode a week before my period back in June, as was on Levlen still at that time and had no trouble with it that I was aware of.

    As I have a history of O.C at a young age, I tend to be a little more wary of oddities in my menses. Because I know how frustrating it can be wondering if there is something seriously wrong going on in the body, that is why this post is here. I will report the findings (if any) when I get them. Whatever the findings are, irrespective, if you are in a similar boat to me with experience, still get checked out.

    I'm not scared of a possible recurrence of O.C, so am not after pity. I'm more concerned about if there is a problem, I want it sorted ASAP. The actual likelihood I am to have a recurrence is like 5 or 10%, so it is low, but pays to be cautious.

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    Today I got my test results. Good News: My ultrasound showed nothing of significance and my blood work, including renal and thyroid function was normal. So while I had a weird episode last month, the way I've been feeling must be due to the Necon. I will be switching contraceptives.


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