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Thread: Recipes for someone who can't swallow solid food

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    This thread is really helpful to those who are suffering in the same condition. One of my nephew before had a hard time swallowing solid food but his condition is not severe as your partner. I remember that time we often recommend soup based food to him because it's pretty awkward for him to indulge food that he likes which are commonly solid. Anyways, usually it is recommended for them to take soup and some mashed food. I'm pretty sure your partner's doctor is able to help in the type of food that you should give to your partner.

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    Liquid Hope

    There is a new option for enteral nutrition I thought some might find interesting. Functional Formularies, Liquid Hope. It is made from all organic real food pureed ingredients 12oz/440 cal, 20g protein, 9g sugar (all naturally occurring). Everyone who has been on it has done really well. Plus you don't have all of the side effects you get with Jevity, Glucerna, etc.

    It can be found here:


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