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Thread: New book out on Aug 24th by Dr.Scholz reknown oncologist in PCa (J.T. advised us)

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    Cool New book out on Aug 24th by Dr.Scholz reknown oncologist in PCa (J.T. advised us)

    Dr. Scholz PCa specialist has his book coming soon, he was partners with Dr. Strum at one time. His book will cause some controversy and enlighten alot of people is my guess. The publisher mentions talks about intelligent A.S. (W.W.) and intermediate therapies needing treatments and high risk levels needing mutliple protocols.

    The shorter paraphrased title is: Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers (Dr. Mark Scholz)

    www.buy.com is cheap and discounted at $15.83 (list is about $26) you can pre-order from them or www.barnseandnoble.com (near the same price)

    I pre-ordered should be getting it near end of month, and find we are over due for a book from a brand name reknown PCa oncologist putting forth a book, Dr. Strums book was fabulous and still is, but has been out for many years now. (A Primer on Prostate Cancer)

    I suspect some pages or info will be quoted out of his book, I doubt he is going to show the world he has obvious errors, so don't prejudge anything would be wise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neutrondbob View Post
    Dr. Scholz PCa specialist has his book coming soon, he was partners with Dr. Strum at one time. .
    Bob thanks very much for the alert, and I will definitely buy this book despite this rather alarming review I found on Amazon:

    "....Co-author Ralph Blum (an author noted for his work on Runes and UFOs) describes, early in the book, how his wife, using a gold-tipped needle, drained out negative energy from his prostate through a point on his ear. Now, who am I to say whether there is something to this? But it did make me wonder.

    And, Dr. Mark Scholz, the other co-author, makes the following incredible statement: "The prostate, however, has a strong capsule and a muscular structure surrounding it to compress and then fire its product, the sperm, at the intended target--- an unfertilized egg."

    Perhaps this egregious error will be edited out in the final version, and there can't be any question that Dr. Scholz knows better (sperm is NOT produced by the prostate). But how on earth did this statement get in the book? And that makes me ask, what else is in here--- that is perhaps much more subtle--- that is also dead wrong? ...."

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    Yeah I heard the one about Blum, have to see how he stacks up into the book...sounds like a Treky probably has a Captain Kirk costume in his house (lol), maybe beam him out. Dr. Scholz surely cannot be dumb on PCa with the background he has in total. Perhaps he had a mega brain fart or it was taken out of context, sounds like the controversy on his book has already started and nobody has read it yet? After reading it we will all have a better picture on its messages and content...if it lacks...that would be a huge error, maybe a Blummer!

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    Ok got the book and read it and liked it, in reality this is Ralph Blum's book his name on the cover and located above Dr. Scholz name, of whom he hired as an onco-doc along the way, little later in his 20 yr. journey in non-invasive PCa.
    This is basically a biography by Ralph Blum with some added comments by Dr. Scholz within it. Blum has fabulous humor and a guy whom questions everything (I already like those traits immediately) and shows why he is very sane in so doing (read the book before you judge). The weird deal about the negative energy coming out of his ear(mentioned by amazon.com), is put in lousy context (as usual for someone wishing to make a messenger look stupid). His wife does acupuncture and knowledgable in such and did such weirdness for their own trials useage...yeah that is different and laughable maybe. Everything else Ralph Blum does in his journey is far from stupid or laughable, seems very intelligent and that is probably why Dr. Scholz went along in this ride on Blum's book that he had been crafting for a while.

    This is totally different than Dr. Strum's primer book, I was wondering when I heard Dr. Scholz name on it as to what was coming. I hope Dr. Scholz comes out later with his own book based upon his total experience in PCa and with various patient histories, that would sell maybe even better.

    The title of this book is offensive to some people, good for shock jock sales perhaps. Buy it discounted at $16 is your best bet if you wish to read it. Found it was still a good book and had some information value and Ralph Blum looked into the exact why's on Combidex useage and why the FDA shot it down, he did it in detail from transcripts, interviews and more...so his take on that is very interesting and the mfg. was also non-prepared enough for the process, he points that out too. Objective information it appears on that. Now let's look out for Invasion of the Body Snatchers, isn't there a new version movie on that now? This book also covers reving up your immune system, value of intangibles in helping any cancer patient and critcal questioning of side effects and such prior to jumping into major modalities, which helped him change his mind on a few choices. His 20 yrs. journey is not to dismissed as, so-so patient history. Many of you out there could benefit by knowing his journey and questions and found answers, how many would like 20 yrs. of being more normal with PCa?
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    If you believe Runes, Acupuncture and faith healing are a viable treatment for prostate cancer then this is the book for you...

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    Hey Blums still alive!!!!!

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    He has done and continues to do some pretty heavy HT, which carries its own basket of side-effects, 22 years worth...Twenty Two years ago, few men were willing to face the surgeon or radiologist, for good reason..

    Now, where did I leave those gold needles??

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    The needles are right next to the Runes I just consulted!!!!

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    What about the golden blade we can sever the nerves!

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    I have got to say all kidding aside,years ago I did use the runes and have the book Blum wrote about them!!! I was surprised it was the same guy. I do think there is a place for this kind of thinking for life in general,crazy as it can appear at first look! You just have to incorporate it with down to earth thinking and hard research!!!


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