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Thread: VA Benefits For Vietnam Vets With Eleven Illnesses

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    VA Benefits For Vietnam Vets With Eleven Illnesses

    Vietnam veterans with cancer.
    A point of information that may prove valuable to United States veterans of Vietnam.


    VA Agent Orange number: 800-749-8387

    The above site will give you info about benefits that you may be eligible for as a result of your service. The Veterans Administration says that if you were ever on the ground in Vietnam it is presumptive that you were exposed to Agent Orange. They further state that exposure to Agent Orange is presumptive as a compensable cause for eleven types of illnesses.

    What this means is that if you were in Vietnam and now have or have any of the illnesses listed below, you are probably eligible for compensation. Check it out and apply if eligible. The following is from the VA's benefits booklet:

    Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange and Other Herbicides: A
    veteran who served in the Republic of Vietnam between Jan. 9,
    1962, and May 7, 1975, is presumed to have been exposed to Agent
    Orange and other herbicides used in support of military operations.
    Eleven illnesses are presumed by VA to be service-connected
    for such veterans: chloracne or other acneform disease similar to
    chloracne, porphyria cutanea tarda, soft-tissue sarcoma (other than
    osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma or mesothe-
    lioma), Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, respiratory cancers
    (lung, bronchus, larynx, trachea), non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, prostate
    cancer, acute and subacute peripheral neuropathy, diabetes mellitus
    (Type 2) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    Sight administrator please make this a Sticky for the Prostate Forum and forums for the the listed illnesses

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    Hi markinphonenix. Thank you for this information. However, as for making it a sticky, I do not see a reason for doing that. To my knowledge, this is the first time anyone has talked about Agent Orange and its impact on health. A sticky is for things that are of interest to a significant number of members and for things we want everyone to see without doing a search.
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    Hello Jim,

    I understand there hasn't been any mention of Agent Orange in this forum, but it was mentioned in one other forum on this site and made a Sticky, which is where I got the idea for posting this information in the forums for the other diseases covered by these VA benefits. It's very important for veterans to know about their benefits as soon as they discover they have an illness because the VA may pay them compensation from the start of their illness. If they don't know about the benefits and don't file paperwork with the VA the veteran will not get the compensation for all months missed until they file paperwork with the VA. In other words all the months between the start of the illness and filing paperwork are completely lost, never to be recovered, especially if they never find out and never file. I didn't know about the benefits and I missed out on up to $25,000 in VA compensation which would really have helped pay for my treatment and loss of pay while out of work for treatment. The VA doesn't notify vets about these benefits. If the vet didn't happen to see an article in the paper, or a news report about it years ago, and happen to remember all these years later he probably won't know about his potential benefits. You would be doing U.S. Veterans a great service by posting this information up front where people will easily be able to see it. If you will check my other posting about these benefits you will see many people have read them, which may confirm many vets are reading and interested in this information. Please consider my request. Thank you

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    Here where this information was posted as a Sticky on this site. Thanks


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    Thank you so much for sharing this information to our Viet Nam veterans. Most Viet Nam vets don't know there is a FREE Agent Orange Screening Exam. All you need to bring to any VA hospital is your DD214. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma February 8, 2007. We visited our local VA office with a letter from his oncologist, and 45 days later he was a 100% disabled Vet! No hearings, no denials...Thank God my best friend is a Patient Advocate at our local VA Hospital, as our Family Practice Dr. who diagnosed my husband did not BELIEVE Agent Orange had anything to do with Multiple Myeloma. SO GLAD the Veterans Administration does! He receives VA benefits AND Social Security Disability. I don't know what we would have done without these valuable benefits. My husband had not been to a VA hospital since he took off his Marine uniform in 1969, and swore he never would! So spread the word, and ...Welcome Home! Semper Fi.


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