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Thread: Newbie - Scared and Worried X-Posted in the Cervical Cancer Forum

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    Newbie - Scared and Worried X-Posted in the Cervical Cancer Forum

    Does this sound like cancer?!


    My name is Dana and I have been searching high and low for some answers. I am from ON, Canada and can't seem to get a Dr's appt until the 16th of Sept.

    For about a month I have had odd bleeding. My LMP was July 2nd, 2010. I have irregular periods and I suspect PCOS as well. I started to get some brown discharge on the toilet paper only about Aug 4th, 2010. Every single day up until a week ago that happened. At first I thought it was clots, but it was some "jelly like, stretchy" dark dark brown goo. Gross, I know!

    About a week ago this turned to red. Still have the jelly stuff here and there and so it's been awhile this has been going on. I have no pain or anything......but I am so scared.

    I haven't had a PAP in about 2 years b/c I had to find a new Dr since my old one moved to Quebec. All normal before.

    I had Thyroid cancer in 2005 and now I am scared I have symptoms of cervical cancer.

    If ANYONE can offer me some advice I would soooo appreciate it!

    Oh, I am 28 years old with two girls 8 and 6. (both c-sections)

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    make an appt and go see a doctor. Bleeding of any sort between periods can mean alot of things, cancer being the worst. You will never know unless they check you out though.


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