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Thread: Some questions about Blogs

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    Some questions about Blogs

    1. I noticed that there is a feature in our Settings that allow us to change the default privacy settings for our blogs. My question is, if my default is set so that anyone can view, can I change that post-by-post?

    2. This is not so much a question as a comment. I noticed the the blog can be linked to WoodPress. Too bad it can't also be linked to Blogger since it does not require the use of a website and since I already have one.

    3. Is the link to WordPress two ways? That is, if a person uses this blog feature, will that entry also be posted to his/her WordPress blog? Or is it intended to be the other way around?
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    1. If you set your blog to default so everyone can view it, you can still hide specific posts from everyone except those on your contact list and blog moderators. You can do so by selecting "Restrict entry viewing to Contacts and Blog Moderators."

    2/3. That would be excellent if we could link the blogs to Blogger or Wordpress. The Wordpress key is listed there, but we don't have the ability to link the two as of yet.


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