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Thread: Esophagus Cancer

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    Esophagus Cancer

    My finace and I found out a few days ago he has esophagus cancer. We go in a couple weeks to get him a PET scan. I done a lot of research on the internet and when it all comes down to it they say five years tops if caught early.
    The doctor told him he has a 60/40 chance. They talked about having surgery moving his stomach up to his esophagus. Even after that they give one year tops.
    He sleeps a lot and has lost around 50 pounds in 2 months.
    It is real hard just finding out this and knowing in back of your head you have to get things in order for when and if the times comes for a loss..Its very confusing..shocking..even looking on the internet is becoming a daily life for me ..to find out what I can do to help him or other options he has.
    We have a ten year old..he is asking questions..and I told him Daddy has cancer and the doctors are going to fix it for him...I was told if I say Daddy was sick and he does not win this fight..my son will get worried about me coming down with a cold etc. So I was upright with him.
    So many things run through your head. I cant imagine my life without him...I havent slept since the news..He faught in two wars...was involved with the agent orange times...smoked for 47 years...and the doctor says that is not what caused it..it was caused by food..acid reflux..he never had this..although he has had heartburn and took other meds only to find out he was masking the problem.
    I normally keep to myself about my private matters..but I need help in knowing what I should expect..what I can do to make his life better..he is not eating..he doesnt like the ensure drink..he is losing weight fast.
    If anyone out there can please help me. If you been through this type of cancer or know someone who has. I am reaching out to you from the bottom of my heart to find answers.
    Thanks so much

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    Hi Roseann,

    Welcome to the forums. I moved your thread to the Stomach and Esophageal Forum; where hopefully others who have experienced something similar will respond back to you. I wish I had answers for you, my heart goes out to you and your son. You and your fiance will be prayers.
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    Thank you so much Maureen I appreciate it.

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    I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this. Did your husband suffer from GERD? If he did, did he develop Barretts Esophagus? Barretts is usually a precursor to Esophageal cancer.
    If he did suffer from GERD how long did he suffer from it.


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    Hello. My husband had his esophageal cancer and they removed his esophagus and pulled his stomach up to his throat 2 years ago. He chockes on food sometimes but the cancer hasn't came back. He didn't do chemo or radiation. We are going for a biopsy tomorrow as his throat is ulcerated. But they gave him a 5% chance to survive one year and no cancer has returned yet. Enjoy all you days as best as you can. It is possible to survive. They usually remove beyond where to cancer is I'm case it's spread and it's not yet detectable. I wish you well


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