Hi everyone, I have a simple question tonight. While on a road trip this week, I apparently got somebody's germs and now have a nasty cold (headache, sore throat, congestion, bit of body ache). I know my immune system is compromised more than most who haven't done chemo because of the antibody issue I have related to the neuropathy.

I am heading out again tomorrow morning for four days and will be with about 120 of my associates in a closed space. I have not called my doc as it seems an overreaction. The question is: is there any type of special precaution I should have taken when symptoms presented or should be taking regarding this group meeting? I am not in a position to cancel out unless the situation were much more dire than I am perceiving it to be but would like your insights if you have any to share. I don't want something trivial like a cold to cause an unexpected consequence for me.

Thanks, as always,