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Thread: Sister has stage 2 grade 2 immature teratoma, need help with treatment please

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    Sister has stage 2 grade 2 immature teratoma, need help with treatment please

    Hello. First I want to greet everyone on the forum as this is my first post here. I registered because my sister got diagnosed with immature teratoma of the ovary about 2 months ago. She had a tennis ball sized tumor which has been removed by surgery. After surgery she still had markers in blood and some suspicious tissue left. Doctors didn't decide for another operation but put her on BEP chemo, which has proven to be quite efficient for germ cell tumors. She had 2 cycles now, but after 1st cycle markers went up (to 400+)! No results after second cycle yet (she finished it about a week ago). Now I'm very worried that chemo isn't working for her and feel an urge to check out what the other options are, because I don't have much faith in our doctors (everything they do seems to take forever + have some really bad experiences from the past with doctors).. we were thinking about sending her to insitute of nuclear medicine, get her another surgery to remove all suspicious tissue and redo hystology - maybe it was a multy type tumor and they didn't notice it the first time..

    Anyway, any useful input will be very appreciated.

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    My understanding is that it is normal for the markers to go up as the chemo has just started.

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    Hi Sancez and Tianna. I'm sorry you haven't gotten any replies. I have ovarian tumors, but not the type you two need information on. Are you getting good information from the doctors?
    Diagnosed with stage 2c papillary serous cystadenoma borderline malignancy of the ovary in 2009. Hysterectomy, omenectomy, appendectomy, debulking.
    - 2010 - laparoscopy showed inoperable recurrence, so started chemo.
    - Frontline chemo - carboplatin and cyclophosphamide, six cycles
    - Additional chemo regimens: Avastin - ten cycles; Weekly Topotecan - 4 cycles.
    - Spring 2012 developed pleural nodules. Topotecan plus Avastin - 1year.
    - April, 2014, had surgery to remove Aspergillus infection from right lung.
    - September, 2015, started on Megace because my tumors are PR positive. Stopped Megace after three months.
    - September, 2016, hospitalized for shortness of breath and back pain.
    - September, 2016, respiratory failure reversed with prednisone. Maintaining on 50 mg Prednisone per day and supplemental O2.
    - October, 2016 left hospital with no supplemental oxygen. Feeling great! Will start tapering off the prednisone Oct. 10.

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    I was admitted for what I thought may have been a food borne illness, I have a ventral abdominal wall hernia, cysts on both kidneys, and large teratoma tumors on both ovaries. Not exactly what I was expecting but I can handle it, somewhat. The hospital was not forthcoming with my diagnoses as I had to go on the hospital website to access my records. Good thing I enjoy research because I'm driving myself batty trying to prepare for the worse. Limited income tends to complicate matters but I wish all of you the best.


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