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Thread: What is a good Diet

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    What is a good Diet

    My father was just diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, adenomacarcinoma, he coughs a lot.

    I've been investigating what would be good for him from a food point of view and have come across some conflicting opinions. The registrar we talked to said it didn't matter what he ate, if it made him happy go a head but family friends etc have been pushing him to be super healthy and not eat too much.

    On the other hand I've also come across places where cancer patients were encourage to each as much as they can.

    Will a good clean diet increase him quality or length of life?

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    someone must know something!

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    I agree with the Registrar. Whatever tastes good to him and as much of it as possible. Has he lost weight? My husband had lost 18 lbs. before he was diagnosed. He loved his milk shakes and regained most of his weight, until the cancer began robbing him of the calories again. Many lung cancer patients lose a lot of weight and we personally thought calories were king in our house. He weighed in every night fighting for those pounds and then ounces. Toward the end, it was a losing battle with the weight, but he kept eating as much as he could. He was very good at pushing foods even when he didn't really feel like eating and the food tasted like cardboard to his palate.

    A well balanced normal diet is fine --- and during any chemo his appetite and tastebuds will change. I've seen people on 'special' diets who claim all kinds of benefits, but I've never seen proof myself and I remember the macrobiotic diet way back when my mom has cancer in the early 80's. I figure if they really worked to hold the cancer at bay, then everyone with cancer would be following them.

    That's the best I can tell you. Others will tout eating certain foods. Have you read through some of these threads? We went through that phase where we investigated "magic" drinks, etc. They are pretty much bunk, except for anti-oxidant claims and use of antioxidants must be very carefully monitored with the oncologist because they can actually undercut the effectiveness of chemo.

    Good luck!
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    Hi dear,

    You must consult some any expert lung specialist doctor about your father's present condition and about his diet. You must not be careless about your father's health and go for his regular checkup from any specialist.

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    All of my docs, and a nutritionist say the same thing eat a normal diet. Everything in moderation


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    Eat healthy but eat normal i think this is a good diet for every man.
    Don't skip your breakfast, i noticed that some people skip their breakfast and they
    loss their much strength all the day.
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    Well, my on and off >100 days of staying in the hospital I never ate hospital food or to-go orders from generous family members thinking of me when they went to a fancy steakhouse or whatnot because essentially it tasted like cardboard. Instead, I had friends/family bring me McDonalds breakfast, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Chili's, Burger King, Occasionaly Subway, and other "fattening" joints. My moral of the story is I ate total crap, greasy fast food, and spicy food was the only thing that had any flavor and that I could down. I managed to keep my weight stable with this "Junk food diet" may have been "un healthy" but i was enjoying what I ate.
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    Everyone's body reacts differently to food. Eat what you can but I do think it's important to eat a well balanced diet, frequently throughout the day. Fruits and vegetables can give you that extra energy you may be looking for, too.
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    It depends very much on individual circumstance. After bowel surgery for instance bad becomes good and good bad - bland and low fibre only.

    Otherwise in my experience as much as you can of what you fancy and can keep down is good, but there should be emphasis on keeping hydrated.

    I've learned to listen to my body about what I want to eat and what I think I can keep down and run with that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidNB View Post
    It depends very much on individual circumstance. After bowel surgery for instance bad becomes good and good bad - bland and low fibre only.

    Otherwise in my experience as much as you can of what you fancy and can keep down is good, but there should be emphasis on keeping hydrated.

    I've learned to listen to my body about what I want to eat and what I think I can keep down and run with that.

    Hi David
    I could not agree more than what you have stated.

    For a healthy person you cannot do more than follow the guidelines set down by your national health body. The guideline will state that proteins should not be more than about 100 to 150 grams of protein for an average person, of course this will vary depending on if you are male or female and your size and if you are sedentary or active. For an average person this equates to 2 eggs per day or a 2 small lamb chops or 150grams of meat. At all times try and substitute Fish for meat your health will flourish because of it. I think you can all realize that the typical middle class diet has way more protein than this. That's the first big risk factor for cancer. Get over your obsession for meat and you will wonders for your health.

    Follow the guidelines for fat intake...very important.

    Try and get 5 servings of vegetables and fruit, 3 fruits and 2 vegetables is better than 3 veg and 2 fruits. Try and remember that anything with seeds is actually a fruit i.e Tomatoes.

    If you are undergoing TX for cancer all that goes out the window. Eat what you can tolerate as David said. Fat and protein is important during chemo for instance. When undergoing Tx always ask your doctor or your local health service dietician for recommendations the latter in preference to the former.

    No need for fancy crazy off the wall diets. Most countries have the guidelines set out and i am sure that as I can you all can access calculators to work out what you need depending on your lifestyle and gender,.

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