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Thread: Login question

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    Login question

    It appears that if I try to use another computer to login to the forum I am asked to reregister, which I can't do and keep the same user id. So I have to keep resetting my password. Am I correct in assuming it is verifing by ip address? I am a computer person by trade, I have 3 computeres at home and several at work. I jump on the internet on most of them and can go to other forums without issues. Thanks

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    Lillian, I really do not understand that. I have used 3 computers at 3 different locations with no trouble logging on. I will pass you problem on to our tech people. The only thing I can think of it that one of the IPs is blocked. But if that was the case, you could not even register.
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    Hi Lillian,

    Sometimes it'll ask you to register because it thinks you don't have an account, but it should also give you the option to log in (at the very top of the window, on the right). Instead of re-registering, are you able to use the login box to log in?


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