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Thread: Cancer Insurance - Lightens the LOAD!

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    Wink Cancer Insurance - Lightens the LOAD!

    Hello everyone, I have browsed these forums for the longest time before I ever bothered to register and join. I have always carried a slight paranoia regarding Cancer since my father had surgery for Breast Cancer a few years ago.

    Now, he is currently dealing with brain and Lung cancer. He is dealing with different financial issues and that brought me to start looking for insurance so that I will end up in the situation that my fathere is dealing with.

    I was told that Aflac Does have a Cancer policy, I wass under the impresssion that Aflac wass insurance only for Businessess - But Aflac actually has coverage for individuals.

    I called the Aflac 800 number and I was quite frustrated with the AUTOMATED system that they havee set up, I was constantly being transferred from one dept to the next. I went around in circles pressing 1 to get this pressing 5 for that. Honestly the Aflac Automated system leaves much to be desired.

    Now, when I finally got a Licensed Agent I was very impressed with the peron that I was talking to. He was very knowlegable regarding the Cancer insurance that Aflac provides. Not only was it very inexpensive but it provided such an amazing benefit that I feel a hell of a lot better having this policy.

    Now after being a policy holder for no more than a few months I actually had to use my coverage because I was diagnosed as having breast Cancer. Aflac really came through. Aflac paid immediately and paid me for my prosthetic and reconstrucitve surgery.

    For all of thoses that are interested, the person I talked to was named, Albert and his telephone number is 888-202-2959 ext. 6156. He was amazing and I recommend everyone to give him a call to see what Aflac can do for you.

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    Good to know. Unfortunately my husband has already been diagnosed with cancer, so this can't help us now, but I will spread the word too - thank you and good luck.


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