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Thread: Can someone describe end stage myeloma for me?

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    Hi Katie, I feel you and I are sorta at the same point with a loved one. My mother was diagnosed in 2010 with Multiple Myeloma Displasic Syndrome and Lymphoma. Her doctor had not suggested chemo yet because she didn't have many symptoms so they decided to wait to see if it would become more of a problem, which in June of 2013, it reared its ugly head. My mother just turned 77 at the end of July, but in June they started her with her chemo, which was very hard for her and she ended up in the hospital nearly dying. She required 2 pts of blood and got a terrible UTI, which required antibiotics, and from there she perked up quite nicely after about a month on antibiotics. To this day, she has not returned home due to her condition going up and down, which after about 4 wks she needed 2 more pts of blood and another UTI and a bronchitis/pneumonia which required more antibiotics, son now we are August 20th, and her blood count is a little low, but they will wait another week before giving more blood, and she is currently on antibiotics again for another UTI, which the antibiotics don't seem to be working anymore, and she is now complaining with joint pains, and swelling around the joints (ankles, knees, and shoulders) which hurt her to touch, and she also has these little red spots almost like chicken pox spots.. and very weak to stand..So I am assuming my mom is at the end of her sickness..would anyone else agree with me? or do I have a little more time? Her dr said he thought she may have 3-7 months left and that was 1 month ago...any suggestions?

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    End of life signs

    Quote Originally Posted by katieseattle View Post
    My 89 yr old dad has MM and is progressing to end stages. Can anyone out there tell me what to expect? Broken bones, kidney failure, ??? Drs say he has less than 6 months since we just stopped chemo which he could not tolerate. Any info/insight would be appreciated! Thank you.
    Hi Katie
    My mom passed away from MM on the 6th of January this year, she was only 72 and she had bone tumors and pathological fractures, that is how the doctors were able to diagnose MM
    After radiotherapy and chemio with Velcade & thalidomide, she had no appetite to eat, no energy to walk, she wanted to sleep all day and during the last month she had urinary infections and violent diarrhea. Within 1 year she was carried away by this silent but vicious cancer, and in the end it was pneumonia which stopped her heart, although she was responding to her chemio treatment.
    The oncologist was quite understanding and gave good palliative care, appropriate painkillers( GABAPENTINE, NAPROXINE even Methadone), & Xanax and Haloperidol to calm her.

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    Hi all

    A good friend of mine passed away today with MM. He was diagnosed in 2077 from a routine medical exam.

    He had two stem cell replacements and multiple chemo sessions over the years. The last drug he had was Pomalidimide - which I believe is quite new.

    At times during the 7 years he was very well and did lots of energetic activities. In January this year - only 6 weeks ago he was skiing!

    For him the end came quite quickly and resulted from liver failure when the MM got into that organ. But he was peaceful and comfortable.

    God bless
    21 yr old male (Our Son)
    Diffuse Large B-Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
    Stage 1A Mediastinal Mass 8cm x 7cm
    Diagnosed October 09
    Started course of 6 x R-CHOP 14 in Nov 09
    Course complete Jan 2010
    Remission declared March 4th 2010
    Continues in remission March 2014

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    My dad's bone marrow transplant failed August of 2014. It only lasted 8 months. As of May 2015, he reached his 2 year mark since his diagnosis, but he also got sepsis that month. They got rid of the sepsis, but after that he hasn't been the same. The MM is so aggressive.... And two days ago he told the doctor he didn't want to be treated anymore. He's in hospice, and he refuses blood, so the doctor says he has 4-6 weeks. My dad likely won't make it anywhere near his 52nd in August. Everyone says hospice is peaceful, but it is strange to see him sleep so much. It is hard when he wakes up and he searches the bed for tools that aren't there because there is so much calcium in his blood he's confused. It is hard when the strongest man I'd ever known now cannot stand and is incontinent. But the worst part is that I can do nothing.


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