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Thread: Vietnam and Gulf War veterans may be eligible for benefits

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    Vietnam and Gulf War veterans may be eligible for benefits

    A point of information that may prove valuable to veterans of the Vietnam or Gulf wars (U.S., I don't know about our allies):


    The above site will give you info about benefits that you may be eligible for as a result of your service. I applied some months ago as I spent 9 years in the Marines, including 15 months in Asia a long time ago. The Veterans Administration says that if you were ever on the ground in Vietnam (I don't know the regs for Gulf War 1) it is presumptive that you were exposed to Agent Orange. They further state that exposure to Agent Orange is presumptive as a compensable cause for lymphoma,

    I think this is of particular importance to any vets who find themselves battling cancer with limited resources. This is a significant source of assistance to them, both medical and financial. Here is the official page link from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: http://www.vba.va.gov/bln/21/benefit...cide/aono3.htm

    What this means is that if you were in Vietnam for even one day and now have or have had lymphoma, you are probably eligible for compensation. Please check it our and apply if eligible. The following is from the VA's benefits booklet:

    Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange and Other Herbicides: A
    veteran who served in the Republic of Vietnam between Jan. 9,
    1962, and May 7, 1975, is presumed to have been exposed to Agent
    Orange and other herbicides used in support of military operations.
    Eleven illnesses are presumed by VA to be service-connected
    for such veterans: chloracne or other acneform disease similar to
    chloracne, porphyria cutanea tarda, soft-tissue sarcoma (other than
    osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma or mesothe-
    lioma), Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, respiratory cancers
    (lung, bronchus, larynx, trachea), non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, prostate
    cancer, acute and subacute peripheral neuropathy, diabetes mellitus
    (Type 2) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    Good health to all,

    When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
    ~Author Unknown

    Age 67
    Follicular lymphoma diagnosed August 08, Stage 1
    2 cycles (20 treatments each) localized radiation to tumor sites. Remission confirmed July 09
    Restaged to Stage 3 May 2010
    Recurrence confirmed May 2010 - Watch and Wait commenced - multiple scans with minimal progression.
    Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma diagnosed September 2012. Mohs surgical excision 09/2012. Successful, clean edges all around.
    Significant progression detected in PET scan - December 2012
    Biopsy to check for transformation 1/18/2013 - negative for that but full of lymphoma, of course.
    July 2013 - Rescan due to progression shows one tumor (among many) very suspect for transformation, another biopsy 8/12/13.
    August 2013 - No evidence of transformation, 6 courses of B+R commence 8/29 due to "extensive, systemic disease".
    February 2014 - Diagnostic PET scan states: Negative PET scan. Previous noted hypermetabolic cervical, axillary, iliac and inguinal lymphadenopathy has resolved. Doctor confirms full remission.
    June 2014 - started 2 year maintenance Rituxan, 1 infusion every 3 months. Doctor confirms lump under right arm are "suspicious" for recurrent disease, deferring scans for now.
    February 2015 - Doc and I agreed to stop R maintenance as it is depressing my immune system too much.
    June 2015 - Confirm that the beast is back by physical exam, will scan in August after esophageal issues settle down so we can get a clear view.
    August 2015 - physical exam in error, PET/CT shows no evidence of disease. Remission continues well into second year!
    December 2015 - Cardiologist tells me I have plaque buildup growing at an alarming rate. Stent or bypass down the road but not yet...
    March 2016 - new tumor below the jaw so remission is over. Back to active surveillance until treatment is needed.
    June 2016 - C/T scan indicates presence of multiple lesions in iliac chain.
    August 2016 - PET/CT shows multiple areas of lymphoma as expected plus new areas of concern in bowel.
    January 2017 - C/T scan shows significant progression in cervical and inguinal lymph chains, largest tumor is impacting hearing, measures 2.1x4.6 cm. 4 to 8 cycles of R-CVP, 1x3weeks to commence 2/6/17.
    April 2017 - Mid treatment scan shows about 1/3 reduction in multiple tumors. Also shows abdominal aortic aneurysm with peripheral thrombus. Cardiologist changed meds, spoke of need for surgical repair down the road.
    September 2017 - finished 10 rounds of R-CP, V was stopped due to neuropathy in feet. No further treatment planned at this time, at least 10 tumors can be felt which seem to be growing again.
    December 2017 - Biopsy of external iliac node with SUV of 13.1 shows no transformation! However, the FL grade is now 3A instead of Gr 1-2. Will start indefinite protocol using Copanlisib, one of the new targeted therapies. I remain hopeful.
    March 2018 - Copanlisib failed, treatment stopped 3/28. New plan is to go to Dana Farber on 4/16 for case review and treatment recommendation.

    May 2018 - did not qualify for clinical trials at Dana Farber. Tumors need to get larger to be considered. On consultation w/Dr. Armand at DF and my onc, have decided to take a break from cancer treatments. Will have a biopsy of the mass in my sinus discovered in scan at DF and to get the aneurysm repaired as it has developed a potentially catastrophic penetrating ulcer. Surgery scheduled for 7/12.

    September 2018 - biopsy of mass in nose shows transformed DLBCL throughout. Assessing options for this negative development.

    October 2018 - started 6 to 8 cycles of R-CHOP. Goal is to get to full remission to open up other options.

    February/March 2019 - PET shows four hot spots following R-CHOP. referred to Dana Farber for stem cell transplant. Pre testing all good, accepted for Auto Transplant. Will begin inpatient process about April 1.

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    they should receive full bennies. my managers brother was diagnosed with non hodgekins lymphoma, idk if he was still enlisted at the time but i was told they paid for everything chemo and surgery from only the best hospitals, stanford. they deemed the cause to be from the gulf because all the chemicals our troops were exposed to.

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    Agreed. Alledgedly there's going to be a class action suit against DoD Vets who were exposed to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan also.

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    Hi kermica i was just reading ur email and my father as in the vietnam war bak in the late 60's and arrived back in NewZealand in 1972 and he died 17 years ago as he had that agent orange disease as i was only 21 yrs old when he passed. They say it can be passed onto their children mainly the boys, but i have had hodgkins Lymphona twice now as i first got it in 2004 and then again in 2008. Right now i am in remission but i stil have my 3 monthly check ups. We were told about the benefits but hvent looked into it as our father passed away years ago.

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    I don't think this is the case for our Canadian veterans. My husband has been in the military for 26 years this month, was in The Gulf War, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Survived his LAV hitting an IED, developed "asthma" in 2003 at 35 years old (never had any issues before this), was admitted to hospital Oct 29/13, for just over 6 weeks, until Dec 12/13 when he was diagnosed with Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 2B. Doctor tells us he has "Obviously had this for years".... I have researched du and see that on most sites, it states that it is a lymphoma causing ingredient... He is otherwise a very healthy, active man. Never smoked a day in his life either... This still just seems surreal!!!

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    im a military dependent that spent time in the PI in the 70s and other bases state side i have hodgkins would i be able to make a claim?please help

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    I don't believe you would be eligible to make a claim. Even if you were active duty military, it is very difficult to get a claim approval unless you were physically in Vietnam during your service.

    Good health



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