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Thread: markedly hypercellular bone marrow trephine

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    markedly hypercellular bone marrow trephine

    Patient 58 yrs old presented fever for nearly 20 days, upon bone marrow investigation impression as markedly hypercellular bone marrow trephine. Biopsy with marked myeloid hyperplasia and increase in immature cells ? exact nature.
    microscopic bony trabeulae with marked hypercellular marrow predominantly composed of myeloid lineage, erthroid series is relatively diminished.The myeloid series show marked increase in predominantly composed of myelocytes, metamyelocypes, band forms, neutrophils. Focal eosinophilia is observed. There is diffused infiltrate of mononuclear cells with round vessicular nuclei, 1-2 nucleoli and esinophilic cytoplasm? exact nature. Some of these cells shows intended nuclei, mitotic figueres are seen. megaryocytes are relatively decreased in number. reticulum shows moderate increase. iron stores are markedly diminished.
    Comments : please correlate with bone marrow aspiration findings. flow cycometry and/or immuno histochemistry may be of helpful.

    The above is patient's result came out today 15 Feb 2011. Kindly let us know what is said in the result and what is the treatment to be done.

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    I do not know what it means. There is no doctor on this forum so I suggest is that the "patient" talk with his/her own doctor.
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