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Thread: 8 year old has breast lump

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    8 year old has breast lump

    My 8 year old has a lump underneath her left breast; if you can call it that. She doesn't have one under the other one, I'm assuming it isn't early breast development.
    My concern is: Is that a normal growth of the breast or should I be scared out of my mind?
    I'm a three year breast cancer survivor,so I'm kinda of freaking out here!

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    Mom-of-2 - As your child reaches puberty age, they may develop breast lumps. Breast lumps are normally innocent in nature as they are caused by the influence of the hormones. I myself reached puberty at the age of 9 (menstrual cycle). However, they may also develop tumors in there breast also. My brothers ex-girlfriend had a benign tumor removed from her breast at around the same age (she was 7). I recommend you taking her to her pediatrician and having her examined just in case. Exspecially if the lump is growing, hard, unmovable and is causing deformities in your little one. Good luck and your little one will be in my prayers.


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