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Thread: Symptoms and Analisis

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    Symptoms and Analisis

    Hi, I'm new in this forum, and I'm hoping to get some answers on this issue.

    My husband is 41 years old, his family history is clear of colon cancer, but he has been having some discomfort in his rectal area. Hi says he feels a little lump. More like a worm-like shape in his rectum. He has been struggling with "bathroom issues" all his life, when he goes to the bathroom it makes him sore, and has great pain. this has been going on for years. Sometimes months goes by and everything is normal, he goes to the bathroom regularly, (two times a day) eats normally, (you know, all bran, oatmeal, most of the time healthy foods). But some times he gets into this crisis; he begins to feel pain when he goes to the bathroom, sometimes he bleeds, some times he doesn?t, but he feels so much pain after, that he needs to lie down in bed for hours.

    We thought that he had hemorrhoids, but he doesn?t have a problem going to the bathroom, it?s a problem about pain and the little lump he feels.

    We are planning on having children this year, but he is afraid to start trying and being diagnosed with colon cancer after. I know this may sound so precipitated but can anyone share some advice on this?

    I know that early detection is smart; I read some information on this matter and read that a ?Hidden Blood Stool? test is recommended. What kind of doctor should have him examined? Is there any other tests he may want to take?

    Thank you for sharing this with me.

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    make an appt TODAY with your family physician and he/she will refer to appropriate specialist (if you are near Mass General in Boston I recommend going there)
    Not knowing is the hardest part...I have a father and brother dealing with cancer right now and they had no peace until they were diagnosed and started treatments. The longer you wait. the harder to cure. And it might be something totally minor...just FIND OUT
    It's hard, I know, but you MUST face it and do what needs to be done.
    Good luck, Please let me know how you make out.

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    Thank you scallopedge, I will do it. I'm not in the US right now, we are living in Honduras, Central America, there are not that many options here, but I sure will do what it takes.

    Thanks for you're concern. It means a lot to be listened to.


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