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Thread: Novalis Treatment, check, but now what?

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    Novalis Treatment, check, but now what?

    Hello everyone, I've been navigating this forum and find it very informative and useful. So thank you to all who have been contributing.
    My mother-in-law underwent a routine PET/CT scan and from that the doctors noticed a tumor in her brain.

    My mother-in-law was told that her the tumor was too risky
    to biopsy or surgically remove and that it is most likely breast
    cancer metastasis and that they would treat it as such. She underwent
    a single stereotactic radiosurgery procedure using the Novalis TX

    Our local oncologist have not prescribed or
    recommended any types of medication to help with the radiosurgery
    treatment or to limit the possibility of another tumor popping up,
    despite our requests. Although our knowledge in the field is limited
    we have asked about using either Temodar, Metformin and/or Avastin but
    have been told that for these treatments are out of the so called
    "Standard of care" because she does not have a primary.

    We have instead been told to she should sit tight, eat healthy and
    relax for 3 months until another MRI will be performed to see if the
    procedure worked.

    Needless to say we are both rather frustrated in our inability to
    accurately diagnose the tumor and even more so that their isn't
    something more she could be taking or doing to better the odds and
    decrease the chance of other tumor sites occurring.

    I would like any advice on simply, what to do now? Has anyone else undergone this treatment? Suggestions?

    Thank you for taking your time to read all of this,

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    Hi taggart. I moved your thread because your mother-in-law does not have brain cancer; the has breast cancer that has spread to her brain. This is extremely a detail that you should be aware of. The treatment options for a primary brain cancer are vastly different from those the work with metastatic breast cancer. I am not sure what treatments are available to her. I do not think brain surgery or radiation to the brain will help her and certainly not prolong her life. I do know that Temodar is the gold standard treatment for a glioma (a family of primary brain cancers). I have never heard of it being used with metastatic breast cancers.

    I cannot be sure and this advice might to totally wrong but I would NOT "sit tight." You should find a doctor who will be more aggressive. No way will just eating better help with her cancer! Of course, it might be that the cancer is just too far advanced and there is nothing anyone can do. But the doctors should have told her this so that SHE could make an informed decision.

    Novalis is a rather new form of stereotactic radiation treatment for brain tumors. I do not know if it help will all tumors in the brain or just primary brain tumors. Even so, treating the tumor in her brain will not help in the long run.

    I wish your mother-in-law well. I hope she finds a treatment that helps.
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