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Thread: I'm pretty sure it's cancer

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    I'm pretty sure it's cancer

    Hey guys! 20 year old male here.

    I don't currently have insurance but at this point i'm ready to just foot the bill and go to the hospital because the pain is getting worse everyday.

    It started with some lung pain from time to time. I attributed this to smoking which I've been doing since I was 15. Sadly, despite cutting down to 1 or 2 a day, my symptoms have not been relieved. Then I started having pain around my kidney area and that pain has moved to my arm and to my spine. The pain in my lungs and arm is a dull ache while the pain in my spine is a sharper pain. My bones, joints and tendons feel weaker than they once were and I'm bruising very easily. I used to be able to hit the floor (I play volleyball) and throw myself everywhere. Now, I feel so weak that I'm scared to do it. I don't bounce back like I used to. Small injuries like a jammed finger used to heal in a few hours, but now it'll take a week or more. I've also lost quite a bit of weight but whether or not its from being sick is debatable. I've recently become a college athlete and practices are really tough and physically demanding.

    I wish I could just assume the pain is from playing sports too much but this pain feel different than just your average sore or irritated muscles/bones. I really don't know what to do. I live on my own and my mother won't be getting insurance back until next month but I feel like I'm going to drop dead any second now. I've been feeling like this for a while but the symptoms just seemed neglible (and at the time i actually HAD insurance) and now I feel like it's too late.

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    You need to see a doctor. The sooner you see one the better you will feel so make that appointment as soon as you can. It really is unlikely you have lung cancer, but a doctor is the one to tell you that.

    Good Luck
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    there are many organizations to help with financail assistance for medical expenses. it would be wise to not go into your own head without adult supervision. the symptoms could be caused by a number of things and it is best to let a qualified doctor do the diagnosing. if you are a college athlete, then i am sure there is assistance through the college for medical expenses.
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    Regarding the financial question, depending on your income Medicare may be an option. Medicare sometimes has a bit of a stigma, but it can make a huge difference when it's needed. Here in Maryland the Primary Adult Care (PAC) program is designed for younger adults who have a low income (and at 20, who doesn't?), and do not have health insurance-- other states likely have similar programs. It's not quite full insurance, but it can get you into a doctor and help with the basic costs.

    Good Luck.
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    I really can't offer any advice insofar as the medical costs are concerned. I live in the UK and all treatment here is free at the point of use for everyone.

    Due to your age, it would seem very unlikely to be a lung cancer however there is only one way to establish that and it's not by torturing yourself about possible causes. Find a way to cover the medical bills and have the tests you need - to put your mind at rest, if nothing else...

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    Just wanted to point out that the original post was from back in May. There are many resources for medical care that people simply aren't aware of here.

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