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Thread: I need advice please

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    Unhappy I need advice please

    I am 48years old and post menopausal I had one episode of spotting four months ago and was sent to gynaecologist who did internal and external ultrasounds and endometrial biopsy lining was measured at 4mm and biopsy was clear. I then had another episode of bleeding two weeks ago which was much heavier and lasted about seven days was refered back to gynaecologist who had me in gave me general anesthetic and did a hysteroscopy and took another biopsy which was sent to histology . my question is why would he take another biopsy if the first one came back ok? I am still waiting to hear the results so I am assuming everything is ok. do they do biopsies even if they don't find anything? I was also wondering if anyone out there could tell me how long it takes for results to come back? I would very much appreciate any thoughts on this and if any one else has had any similar experiences.

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    Hi tink12344321,

    Welcome to the forums, I'm sorry you feel the need to be here.
    It sounds like your Gyno is being very thorough, any post menopausal or abnormal bleeding needs to be checked out. Biopsy results varies from hospital to hospital and from one country to another, I got my results after 3 days but the usual rule is about 2 weeks. Do you have an appointment to see your Gynaecologist?

    I hope you don't feel the need to hang around here (said in the nicest possible way!) majority of women who post here with abnormal symptoms don't have cancer. Waiting sucks, we have all been through it.

    Take care and let us know when you get your results.

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    No I didn't get given another appointment to see gynaecologist he was still in theatre when I went home , I asked the nurse if he had found anything she looked at his notes and said they hadn't found any polyps but that they must have found something because they sent something to histology and that the gynaecologist would write to me with results. I think as that was eight days ago everything must be ok or I would have heard by now thank you very much for your reply I feel a bit of a fraud as you have all been through so much and I haven't been diagnosed with anything I will let you no as soon as I hear thank you again for being very kind and taking the time to reply.

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    Hi Tink,

    Any updates on your results?

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