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Thread: Lump on my leg

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    Lump on my leg

    I've got a lump on my right leg for about 2 years now. It's pretty small, shinny and it has a little brown dott on top. I thought it's a new mole at first. I shaved the top of it by accident for a few times, but it didn't change in size. I'm worried about it, because I think it changed in color a little bit (it could be from the sun tan too).
    Could it be a skin cancer? If it's a cancer, how the accidental shaving would've affect it?

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    It sounds like that lump can be a small basal cell cancer. They aren't deadly like melanoma, but an appt with a surgeon or dematologist to have it removed should be made. The treatment for a basal cell is excision. However you mentioned a tan. If it is a basal cell cancer, this can increase your risk for developing melanoma so you need to be careful as to tanning!!!!!!!!! As I have recommended in the past, when in doubt about a lesion, one should have it removed. Skin cancer is much more curable when found and treated early.
    Go and see a good dermatologist.

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    Thanks for the answer. Now I'm very concerned. I made an appointment with dermatologist for September 12th. Can I wait that long? It's very hard to get an appointment with dermatologist in the area where I live.

    I'm trying to use sunblock everytime I'm in the sun, but I still get tanned a little.

    Is it possible, that is something else and not the cancer.....

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    You know we always think the worse. It could be a keratosis, I really don't know and am speaking from my own experience. I had what sounds like a similar lesion on my shin years ago. It was excised and a nonpigmentd basal cell cancer. I have not had any further problems. About10 years later another lesion appeared on my chest, and it was a non pigmented solar keratosis. So it is hard to say. I hate to say don't worry because you will until you are seen by the doctor.
    I am sure you will be fine.
    best of luck

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    for how long have you had it, before you went to the doctor's? I have it for a couple of years and I just started to worry about it now..... I hoppe it's not to late....

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