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Thread: New Vaccine Cures Prostate Cancer in Mice

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    New Vaccine Cures Prostate Cancer in Mice


    June 20, 2011 — Animal studies of a new human prostate cancer vaccine show that repeated intravenous injections can destroy well-established prostate tumors in mice, without adjuvant chemotherapy or radiation and with no apparent adverse effects. The proof-of-concept study by American and British researchers was published online June 19 in Nature Medicine.

    The authors write that "virus-expressed cDNA [complementary DNA] libraries represent a novel paradigm by which the ability of highly mutable tumor cells to escape selective pressures in vivo can be exploited to therapeutic advantage."

    The vaccine was developed by inserting a cDNA library from healthy human prostate tissue into mutated vesicular stomatitis viruses, which were then cultured and given to test mice with established prostate tumors. The results showed that 9 intravenous injections cured more than 80% of the established tumors in the mice, without triggering autoimmunity.
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