Hi everyone. I spoke yesterday with a woman who is Stage 3 follicular lymphoma, and has been receiving focal beam radiation on her lymph nodes, zapping them as they come, from time to time, for 18 YEARS now. She is treated by Dr. Alexandria Levine, the Chief Medical Office at City of Hope in California. I guess they use "pencil-beam" Proton Therapy to her now, which does very minimal damage to surrounding tissues, and appears quite safe. This is their way of keeping the disease at bay and buying her time. She has never needed any other type of therapy - chemo, Rituxan, etc. I am going to try to contact Dr. Levine today.

Has anyone heard of this being done before for someone beyond Stage 1 disease? I have of course inquired about radiotherapy (but not proton beam) with my doctors, and they just chuckle at the idea, and say you can't do that after Stage 1. I just found an example where they do.