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Thread: 12 year old brother with ALL

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    12 year old brother with ALL


    My brother was diagnosed with ALL type t about 6 months ago but he was always very positive and strong until now after 15 session out of 30 of some medicine or chemio he was diagnosed with pancreatitis last weeks wednesday/thursday. This devastate him and know is being very negative and I feel like he's giving up. I think this only happened now because he loves the summer and the beach and that was taken away from him and not only that but he also has to deal with this disease.

    To be honest I don't know what I'm looking for here... I don't know what to do I just feel powerless. Is this a normal thing, I mean the pancreatitis. And if so is like everything going to be ok?
    One more question: Is ALL type t a type of cancer that can be "easily" cured. I say this like can a kid be cured from this disease and live his long life?

    I think that's all. I apologize for my english I'm from Madeira, Portugal.



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    Miguel, ALL is very treatable and they have learned a lot. Attitude is huge though, as well as the best doctors. All is usually found in kids and he should have a good chance of having a normal life. Just stay strong and don't give up. His strang attitude may have helped him get this far. We will keep him in our thoughts, and tell him to work hard at recocery. When he is cured there wil be many, many Summers to come,

    Chuck was diagnosed with A.L.L. in Nov, 2009 at age 61,
    Remission, July 2010, Diagnosed with MDS in Jan. 2011
    Stem cell transplant in July, 2011, Just passed day 130 post Tplant.
    Cancer might rob you of that blissful ignorance that once
    led you to believe that tomorrow stretched forever.
    In exchange you are granted the vision to see each today
    as precious, a gift to be used wisely and richly. (UCSF 11 Long)

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    I don't know much about pancreatitis and certainly can't tell you anything for sure about it. I do know it's normal to feel down after a bad development... coping with leukemia, and knowing there are all sorts of side effects and things out of whack for a while from the treatments, is very hard. So having something come up like this must be difficult. I think the best I can tell you is to keep being there for your brother, because it's natural for him to feel down, especially if he's been trying to keep a good attitude. Let him work through this, but let him know you're there.

    Generally, a kid has much better odds against ALL than an adult. I think you should definitely try to get some time to talk to your brother's doctor, or someone else on the staff who knows the whole case and test results so far, and can explain things as they stand to you. Leukemia is so complicated, and so individually different, that I don't think anyone can predict an outcome just from type and age.

    (Edit: And yes, a diagnosis of ALL tends to be more favorable than some other types. But your brother's doctor knows the specifics much, much better than I do and can give you a much clearer picture, because there are genetic factors and tests I'm sure he's done to get an exact idea of the type of ALL. Hang in there.)
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