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Thread: The 'smell' symptom

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    The 'smell' symptom

    Can somebody who has had/has brain cancer and who experienced this symptom tell me a little more about it?

    What kind of thing did you smell?

    Was the smell always there or did it come and go? If it came and went, how long did the smell stay for?

    I'm quite worried about my head at the moment. It's worth noting that I'm a severe hypochondriac but I've been writing down my symptoms as they happen:

    - An ever present feeling of pressure in the top and right parts of my head for over 6 months
    - Feeling of pressure was relieved slightly but started getting mild headaches
    - Occasionally smell strange things
    - Arms, legs and neck sometimes suddenly jerk as if electric has passed through them
    - Frequent dejavu
    - Moderately fatigued

    I want to go to the doctor but I don't feel like they'll take me seriously and they'll just fob me off and say it's just a headache or something - I'm really worried, only some sort of scan will put my mind at ease I don't know what to do

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    Hi Jenny. First, if your username is your real name, you might want me to change it. This is an open forum so anyone can read your posts. There might come a time when you want to talk about something that you do not want friends or family to know about

    None of your symptoms are specific enough to even think about brain cancer but most of them can. Some people (but not even a majority) do have headaches. Certain, depending on the specific location, a tumor (of any kind) could affect your smelling. Again, depending on where it is and how big it is, a tumor can cause fatigue. Nevertheless, there are a vast number of things a doctor would think about before brain cancer. If you really feel the need (and most likely pay the bill yourself) you can insist on an MRI. Most doctors will bend over backwards and order the MRI if you insist just to rule that out up front.

    Good luck and I hope you find out that it is something very simple
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    Jenny, I'm not a doctor so I can't tell you if those symptoms mean anything but I will share my experience and encourage you to talk to your doctor. Like you I had a series of symptoms that were intermittent. I suspected a brain tumor but figured I was being a hypochondriac. I didn't see a doctor until I collapsed and came to with my right arm paralyzed. I did have a tumor and had I seen the doctor sooner I might not be working to rehabilitate my right arm. I would suggest you describe ALL of your symptoms to the doctor. If he makes fun of you, find another doctor. Good luck, i hope it isn't a brain tumor.


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