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    My mom was told by her physician that they found Cancer Cells in her blood. From what I have read, the cells are from a Tumor. How bad is this news that they are in the blood stream already. My mom has had bleeding from her rectal for some time now, she thinks its Hemroids, but I am not so sure now, her doctor said that the cells are signs of Colon Cancer (dont know how they know that). My mom has also been having pain in her head, she described it as pressure in her eye area. I am preparing myself for the worst. She told my wife the news and asked her not to say anything to me until she found out more in depth news, but my wife would not keep such important info away from me. I will find out Tuesday afternoon after my mom sees the Doctor.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by cancer cells in her blood, unless you are talking about the CEA test. Has she had a colonoscopy yet? That is the best test to diagnose and prevent colon cancer. I don't know how they could give her a definitive diagnosis without that test.
    I know this is easy for me to say, but try not to panic, and try to find out what tests your mother has had.
    I am a colon cancer survivor, and one of the biggest mistakes I ever made was assuming that my bleeding problems were from hemorroids. Perhaps my cancer could have been diagnosed at stage 0 or I instead of stage II. However, that being said, your mother's bleeding is not NECESSARILY from cancer, but, it does need to be ruled out. And that is what the colonoscopy can do.
    Best of luck to your family. And if you can, let us know how your mother is doing.

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    Bev is right on with her information.
    A colonoscopy is a MUST. My Dad had rectal bleeding for a long time and felt it was from his hemorroids. Well it was the tumor that was bleeding. He had surgery in January and the surgeon declared it a success.
    Unfortunately, there was ANOTHER tumor further up the colon that was not discovered at the time of the colonoscopy. I would stress to the surgeon (or whoever) performing the colonoscopy that you want the ENTIRE colon tested. Although it's rare, it DOES occur.
    And don't feel totally confident with the surgeon's assumptions. If in fact, cancer is confirmed, SEE an Oncologist!! I realize my Dad's case may be out of the ordinary, and I'm not really putting all the blame on the surgeon, but you can not be cautious enough. Had my Dad been fully examined, and referred to an oncologist immediately after surgery ~ (do not accept surgeon's confidence that "we got all the cancer so no chemo or radiation necessary" ~ I believe he would be back on the golf course and not struggling for every breath even with an oxygen tank
    Your Mom deserves every available test and treatment there is
    You must be suffering so much right now...it's a long tough road but it can have happy results
    Praying you got great news...please ley us know

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    i will definatley keep you informed on any and everything I find out. I want to think you both for the valued information and prayers that you give to me and many others on this site. It's people like you who make life easier to go through. Thank you

    If you dont know ASK, if you know TELL

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    Great news. . .Sort of

    My mother was diagnosed with IBD. They said that she had small openings in her intestinal wall and has been given prescripts to help with the attacks. Thank You for your prayers, they have helped.
    If you dont know ASK, if you know TELL

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    Hi DPD

    you are so right ...GREAT NEWS...sort of

    From the brief info I read about IBS:

    "IBS can be painful. But it does not damage the bowel or cause any other diseases."
    You must be so relieved. I'll continue to pray that your Mom recovers quickly and painlessly.
    So nice to hear some good news

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    Donnie, so glad your mother got a diagnosis, and that it's NOT cancer. I know living with IBS is no picnic, but it's great news that it's not a malignancy.
    It's a lot better to get a diagnosis and know one way or the other what the illness is. That way it can at least be treated, and sometimes the patient gets to put their mind at ease.
    Thanks for letting us know the diagnosis.



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