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Thread: Have a question about a lump on the side of my head

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    Have a question about a lump on the side of my head

    About two years ago I have noticed a lump on the right side of my head directly above my right ear. I asked a few doctors if it was a worry and they didn't think anything of it. It feels like a lump and when I rub my fingers over it, it shifts back and forth. Is there something it could be? It seems to be worrying me lately for I think it became a little larger and is not on the other side? It doesnt hurt, not suffering from headaches or anything, vision is fine. I don't know who to see about this or maybe it could be something else? Any opinions?

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    I had a lump once as a child under my ear that turned out to be an infected lymph node. A round of antibiotics cleared it up. I’m not sure about above the ear. I’m willing to bet money it is not a brain tumor because brain tumors do not create bumps. I’m guessing something is clogged and you should go back to your doctor and report the growth since the last time. Symptoms of a brain tumor are not lumps or anything you can see on your body. That’s why there is no screening people can do like self breast exams.

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    Hi Nicholas. I am sorry about your health concerns. I cannot tell you what the lump is but I can tell you that it IS NOT brain cancer. Brain cancers are within the scull and cannot be felt on the outside. It still could be something serious so you need to press for an answer. Good luck.
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    Ok thank you for taking the time to respond!


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