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Thread: I found a lump under my belly button to one side......

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    I found a lump under my belly button to one side......

    I'm 19 years old, and 4 months ago, I found what I thought it was to be a spot underneith my belly button to my right side. I showed my mum as it was quite painful and approx. 2-3mm in size.
    We thought nothing of it, and I checked it approx. 6-7 weeks later. Now it had started to turn colour, slightly darker than my natural skin colour, as no sunlight get's to that area. Also it seemed to have got harder and grown in size.
    Now 4 months has past since I noticed it, and I showed my mum the other day. The first thing she done was put her hand over her mouth and said "Oh my God Jennie!".
    As you can imagine, this really started to worry me. We both looked at it, and it is now a medium tan colour, and the coloured area is approx. 4mm. This area is also raised. The area around the "mole" is also raised, and this is approx 6-8mm. You can notice that it is rather pertruding to the rest of my stomach.
    As you can imagine, I am rather worried, and would like to know all possibilities what this could be. I am scared of going to my doctor, incase of the worst case senaro.
    Can someone please provide me with some answers or possible solutions.
    Thankyou, Jennie

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    I hope you know the answer..SEE A DOCTOR ...immediately
    don't prolong your agony of worrying what it might be and losing valuable time on treating the problem
    seek medical advice to get started on recovery IF it's serious OR ease your mind to find out it's NOT
    Simple for me to say...I also dread doctors but you MUST see one when your instincts tell you something is wrong
    PLEASE call one tomorrow and get immediate appt...you owe it to yourself
    Let us know the results..everyone here has a wealth of information and support

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    I know I must see one, I am just absolutly dreading it!!

    I can't do anything untill Tuesday, as it is Bank Holiday Monday.

    I just hope that I am over reacting, and that it is nothing to worry about.

    I will let you know how things go.

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    I know it's very hard and scary..but you are doing the right thing. Please be sure to keep your appointment and go for any tests the doctor suggests. You will be relieved to find out the cause. If nothing ,then wonderful! If not, then at least you haven't wasted precious time in starting methods for a cure.
    I'll pray for good news

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    I have been to my doctor, and I have a sebaceous cyst.

    Thankfully it is not as bad as what I was expecting, even though I am still not too sure what it is.

    I have been told its not cancerous.

    Could anyone share any light, give me a brief explanation of what it is??

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    Mystery cyst

    Your doctor should have explained to you what you have! I believe that a sebaceous cyst is a lot like a boil or a big infected pimple. (Mmmm yummy!) Keep it clean and try not to let your clothes rub on it. If the doctor prescribed any medicine, use it. You're in luck - you are going to be just fine! )

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    sebaceous cyst

    What is a sebaceous cyst, anyway?

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    Where the base of a hair becomes slightly infected and builds up to become a lump containing sebaceous matter. Cysts are fairly common, and either go away without interference or are excised.

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    sebc, nothing wrong with reviving an old topic. Just want to point out that the last time Jennie posted was in Sept 2005!! This was also the last time SherlockHolmes posted on the Cancer Forums. I guess my point is I would not hold my breath expecting either of them to reply. Of course, half of the time when I post a message like this, one of the older members comes back... never know
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