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Thread: Prostate size question

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    Prostate size question


    I have a prostate size of 28cm cubed. I am 56 years old and am slightly built, height 5feet 3 inches. Is that a normal prostate size or is it enlarged ?
    Many thanks.

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    Normal. I read that 25-35cc is normal until you get to the age, over 60, that we expect more significant enlargement. I was dx a year ago at age 60 and the size was estimated at 38cc and all the docs said it was fine.

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    Hi Heathfield, - The Prostate in in the majority of men tends to resume growing around 40 years of age, known as Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) and so "normal" depends somewhat on whether you are comparing to the average size within certain age groups or to the typical adult male Prostate that remains relatively unaffected by the effects of BPH. The latter, the TYPICAL adult Prostate, unaffected by BPH or other disease, is usually found to range in size from between 20 cc and 24 cc in volume (sometimes expressed in grams of weight).

    So if this is the comparison you wish to make, your Prostate shows relatively little effect from BPH and would, generally, be considered "smaller" then that found in the typical man of your age. But these are averages and can vary by individual patient. In JNF's reference, he is evidently providing a range of increasing sizes that is more likely based upon averages reported in various age-related medical Studies, many of whose participants will have experienced varying effects of BPH.

    Hope this helps! - John@newPCa.org (aka) az4peaks

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    Many thanks to both of you for that info....Best wishes


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