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Thread: Lumps at mastectomy scar

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    Lumps at mastectomy scar

    I had a bilateral mastectomy in May of this year. IDC in the left breast and DCIC (less than 25% of the tumor) and a prophalactic simple mastectomy for the right. My TNM was T1pN0MX, size of tumor was 1.2 cm

    I had chemo 4rounds of A/C. Passed on the Taxenes as I already have neuropathy. Just getting ready to start on Arimidex. No reconstruction yet.

    Now, on the left side I discovered two lumps just below the scar line under the skin. They are small -- almost BB size and my Oncologist was concerned but said we should wait and see if they change.

    I am worried that it is a Local Recurrence. There is so much Cancer in my family history.

    Should I wait the 3 months it will take me to get back into see him or should I call the surgeon and have him take a look. The Oncologist said they might be too small for him to want to remove. What is the advantage of waiting? How can something that "might" be cancer, be too small to remove?

    I am thin, so a needle biopsy might be a risk, but as far as how I feel about it, they should just do an exisional biopsy right now!


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    If you are concerned about this, you could see your surgeon for a biopsy. The scar is very superficial and it is fairly easy to get a biopsy with local anesthesia only.

    If it is indeed the skin that is forming nodules, the only way the breast cancer can get there is by seeding when the original surgery was done, and since you mentioned that it was a small tumor, it is unlikely to happen. But it unfortunately can, as nothing is 100% in Medicine.

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    Hi Cat, I am an 8 1/2 year survivor. If I were you I would want these lumps removed and examined. I am not a fan of watch and wait. Good luck, Lauri

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    Some of the best advice I have gotten along the way is to let the expert be the judge. Allow the oncologist to manage systemic treatments and refer to your surgeon as the expert in evaluating the lumps & surgical scars. It is important to hear and consider your medical teams opinions in each others area of expertise; but always utilize the the doctor whose specialty exclusively manages your area of concern.

    PS. I am also not a fan of watch and wait.



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