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Thread: My best friend is doing well 8 months since PC stage IVB diagnosis

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    My best friend is doing well 8 months since PC stage IVB diagnosis

    I just wanted to update and say my best friend is doing well since her diagnosis with stage IVB PC. To re-cap, she had deblulking of the cancer they could remove during the Whipple when she was first diagnosed. That was tough but after she recovered, she was on Gemzar for a few weeks and responded. After she stopped responding, they put her on Oxalyplantin with the Gemzar and she's been responding to that pretty well ever since. She has had some minor (for her situation) ups and downs in terms of dealing with the chemo but basically her quality of life is amazingly good under the circumstances.

    She does have one large chemo-resistant tumor in her liver so they are hoping to get approval to do chemoembolization with doxirubicin beads to treat it so they don't have to give her a stronger chemo.

    We continue to enjoy our time together doing many of the things we did before she got sick, ie. shopping, lunches, visiting friends, etc.. I just thought I'd share some words of hope that might help someone else.

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    OK thats great! Keep living life to the fullest and make many many more memories! she is a fighter. I am so happy she is manintaining such a great quality of life! AWESOME!


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