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Thread: New in TN

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    I think getting involved in a lawsuit would be like cancer treatments. Extreme highs and lows. Years and years of stress. Not sure how to get them to stop calling. If i get engaged in a conversation asking them to stop I think they will continue even more. The thing is there are several different law firms calling. They seem to already know I am a nhfl patient. It is like my name is on a list someone sold to a bunch of law firms. I am really considering getting my land line cut off and changing my cell number. I have already shut down my cell phones mail box. The only reason to keep my land line is due to fact we are in a rural area and have no cell signal near our home.

    Things are good here. Trying to get in a normal retirement routine. I am working at my home on my Japanese gardens or at my business for 4 hours or so each day (in the mornings). Then after lunch I have been painting or spending time in my shop on woodworking projects. Most Saturday mornings I spend on the old travel trailer I am restoring. I took a 6 week watercolor class. That is what I needed; another hobby. Hahaha. Up until now I had only used acrylics or oil paints.

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    Maybe consider getting an internet phone (VOIP). Xfinity is my ISP, so I have one of their internet phone lines. I give that one out when I don't want any calls! The plus is that it is easy to block numbers.

    Now, what you are doing is called living life and enjoying life. Way to go!


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